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How To Remove Car Wax


Why Wax Your Car? Carnauba wax has long been a part of many detailers’ product arsenals. It’s a great way to get your paint glossy and beautiful before you show off your car.

Wheel Woolie Care


We get our Wheel Woolies from Braun Brush Co., an American manufacturing company that’s been in business since 1875. We’re proud to sell American-made brushes and accessories and we especially love Braun’s Wheel Woolies.

GYEON Q2 Leather Shield


GYEON Q2 Leather Shield uses advanced quartz technology to create a protective shield on your leather. The superior protection provided by GYEON Q2 Leather Shield protects against dirt, UV rays, and the rigors of everyday use. GYEON Q2 Leather Shield has been tested on all modern leathers to date and is safe for use on each of them! GYEON Q2 Leather Shield does not stiffen your leather surface, or make it more slippery and greasy – it makes it shielded!
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